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Shinji Kagawa - Yes or No? Answer: YES!

Discussion in 'Manchester United Transfers Talk' started by Lan Trieu, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. Lan Trieu

    Lan Trieu Moderator Staff Member

    Dortmund's Shinji Kagawa is reportedly stalling despite a new contract being offered, and wants to move to England or Spain.

    The article says he may be able to move for 15mil EURO, with his contract running out in 12mths. He's been on the periphery this season mostly due to injury, but he has started to re-assert himself as his form has returned. So I pose to the forum, for 15 mil (13mil pounds?), yes or no? He certainly has attributes that would suit our attack, and our apparent transition to a faster, mobile attack.

  2. Banana Rama

    Banana Rama Banned

    quality player, would love him at united to replace berbatov.............
  3. KJ

    KJ Super Moderator Staff Member

    Please be more specific. You know the standards around here.
  4. Gtrizy

    Gtrizy Youth Squad

    Never seen him play and I know this might be an odd way to rate someone but in fifa ultimate team ( :p ) he has like 5 different 'in-form' cards this year so he must be doing one hell of a job for BD.


    I know I'm being unorthodox as fuck here by posting a youtube video just after my fifa comment but look at his passing/troughball, its Xavi like dare I say.

    In the video he links up with Gotze alot and its like Gotze can read what he's doing before he does it, the thing is can many other players play with the style of Kagawa? I think he'd be perfect behind Rooney in say a 4-3-1-2 because of Rooneys level of intelligence of the game.
  5. smestarz

    smestarz New Signing

    I think we need him, he shows good vision.
    I think Berbatov might prefer to leave.
    We actually need 2 such good creative midfielders (cannot expect Scholes to stretch another season)
    If we can get Shinji Kagawa and Goetze then its wonderful,
  6. Gtrizy

    Gtrizy Youth Squad

    12 million for him would be nice, certainly start ahead of Anderson.
  7. abcduz

    abcduz Starlet

    He looks like the player who is within our budget.as much as I would love to have the gotzes and the sneijders and the modrics I don't see us going and spending £35 million pounds on a single player.so he would fit in with the team nicely and also not the interest payments we have to make every year.

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  8. Gtrizy

    Gtrizy Youth Squad

    I'd have him above Sneijder to be honest, cheaper transfer & wages by a massive margin and he is young. He seems like he could make it at United as a very good player people remember but I still think we need to sign a big name talent to slap in midfield while the younger players progress, Modric would do it for me.
  9. Sirius

    Sirius Youth Squad

    So where would Kagawa fit into the team? Above Gritzy you've said "He'd start ahead of Anderson", but Kagawa doesn't play as one of 2 CM does he? Doesn't he play behind a striker? So maybe Rooney would be up on his own and Kagawa just behind him?
  10. Gtrizy

    Gtrizy Youth Squad

    I'm talking about playing him in midfield not as CAM or support striker. Maybe with a less attack and more play making role.
  11. Banana Rama

    Banana Rama Banned

    he's not that type of player, he's definitely not a cm, i have seen him play plenty of times this season, he's a forward not a midfielder, if we sign him he'll be replacing berbatov as one of the forwards, his pace and dribbling is best utilised in the attacking third of the field, it would be the same as playing aguero at centre mid to put kagawa there.............
  12. GoKuReBoRn

    GoKuReBoRn Starlet

    Yes i agree Kagawa doesn't have the stamina or vision to play as a midfielder. He's at his best in a forward/ trequarista role. Playing him in midfielder would be a really bad idea.
  13. Banana Rama

    Banana Rama Banned

  14. Lan Trieu

    Lan Trieu Moderator Staff Member

    I think Kagawa makes a good signing, for sure.
    Pros- creative player, has good acceleration, decent finishing ability, vision. Other factors such as his relatively low transfer fee, not unreasonable wage demands (if they put him at 5mil a year, thats 100k a week, something we could afford with Berbatov going), fact that he would sell about a kabillion shirts in Japan, all work in his favour even more.

    Agree with most of the others above-just don't expect him to fill the gaping void in central midfield. We shouldn't sign him to change him into a central playmaker, sign him to use him at his best.
  15. KJ

    KJ Super Moderator Staff Member

    Dunno how much truth does this article contain. Still:

    United close in on Kagawa

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/fo...ji-Kagawa-Gylfi-Sigurdsson.html#ixzz1tZS8QKpB
  16. Gtrizy

    Gtrizy Youth Squad

    £5 million would be a bargain, hell throw them in Park and Berbatov with 20 million for Gotze.
  17. bertonomous

    bertonomous New Signing

    Kagawa in? Yes but he won't be stepping into Old Trafford for anything less than 7 million pounds in this economy and era of crazy transfer fees. And yes I could see him playing behind Rooney or Welbeck though he has to learn to communicate in English first.
  18. funkdoctorspock

    funkdoctorspock Administrator Staff Member

    Don't know much about this chap, so maybe a few of you could answer the following questions:

    1. Is he good enough now to be an immediate first choice starter?
    2. What position is he most fluid in and what formation would United have to use to get the best out of him?
    3. Would do you think he would replace in the first team?
    4. If he was acquired, would it solve United's immediate need?

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  19. Gtrizy

    Gtrizy Youth Squad

    I'm no expert on the German league but I'll try my best to answer your questions.

    1. Is he good enough now to be an immediate first choice starter?
    - I know he is unproven in the BPL but he looks better to start than offside-nandez and welbeck, his first touch and short passing is immense, compared to that of Welbeck and Hernandez whos first touch in my opinion is absolutely horrible. Good finish but isn't selfish he'll try pick out a tap in goal before shooting and his dribbling could be compared to that of Silva.

    2. What position is he most fluid in and what formation would United have to use to get the best out of him?
    I honestly think he could be CM but I was attacked on this form for stating that view of mine but he could play well in a 4411 or a 4231 feeding the ball to Rooney, his creativeness in his passing is a joy to watch.

    3. Would do you think he would replace in the first team?
    From what I've seen and like I mentioned above about him being better than Welbeck and Chich, yes, but also there is the factor he is unproven in our league, but my guess is he could play a big chuck of the first season to get experience as a first choice, yes.

    4. If he was acquired, would it solve United's immediate need?
    If he plays as well with Rooney as he does with Gotze during attacks then of course he would, having said that I'm on about taking the pressure off Rooney to carry us the entire time. Welbeck and Chich just aren't good enough, good subs though mind you.
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  20. Gtrizy

    Gtrizy Youth Squad


    ESPN have the same story, looking forward to seeing this lad at Old Trafford.

    EDIT: About 20 websites have the same quote and article.
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